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Catch up, Keep up, Get Ahead !


Our Approach

At Academic Horizons, our focus is to help students become responsible, reflective, independent life-long learners.

Those who "learn to learn" will have significantly enhanced opportunities and options for shaping their futures.

Being a successful learner is no longer a matter of choice or mere preference. It is a necessity in order to survive and thrive in the " Information Age." 

Our Teachers

Professional.  Experienced. Dedicated.  Supportive.

Chosen with Care.

Our focus is to nurture student confidence in a supportive, encouraging environment in which students are comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. Our teaching approach engages students in active dialogue about alternate methods of approaching problems and leads students to develop methods based on their own prior experience and knowledge.

An important component of our unique integrated teaching approach involves helping students understand how their "use of time" and levels of organization or disorganization impact their academic learning and achieving.


Students examine their study habits and current difficulties or barriers to success. Then, as a team, we put in place more effective organization, study and time-management strategies.

The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new, research-based learning strategies, a supportive, collaborative relationship and personal accountability.

We ensure lessons are closely aligned, vertically and horizontally with the classroom teacher's curriculum so that students have a cohesive and supported learning experience .


Our focus is to empower learners to develop the skills and competencies needed for
long term success. 

Our instructors are more than just tutors
providing subject expertise. 

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Ready for School

Study Smarter,

 Not Harder



  • Math 4 - 7  

  • Math 8, 9, 10

  • PreCalculus 11, 12

  • IB  Math Courses SL and HL

  • AP Calculus 

  • University Calculus Courses

  • AP Statistics



  • Science 8, 9, 10

  • Chemistry 11, 12, IB, AP

  • Physics 11, 12, IB, AP

  • Biology 11, 12, IB, AP

  • OnLine Courses

  • University Physics Courses

  • University Chemistry Courses



  • Writing Skills Gr 6-12+

  • English Gr 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • AP English and IB English

  • Reading Comprehension

  • College/University Writing

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