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One-One Teaching is                  what we do best!

Supportive, encouraging instructors
keep students engaged and boost confidence


Customized individual learning plans, and lessons tailored to the student's unique learning needs and education goals guaranteed to support academic success 

Aligned vertically and horizontally with the classroom teacher's curriculum to provide a supportive, cohesive learning experience

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Math, Physics and Chemistry courses in particular, all build strongly on prior knowledge and understanding; a solid grasp of pre-requisite skills and concepts is essential for continued success in STEM fields.


During tutorial sessions, our instructors provide engaging, developmentally appropriate lessons which are designed to build on the student's existing knowledge, address misconceptions, and achieve a balance between teaching for conceptual understanding and teaching for procedural fluency.

We teach students of all ages, at all levels, ranging from remedial instruction for struggling learners to enrichment lessons for advanced, accelerated or gifted learners.

Discover the difference we can make. 

Proficiency in Mathematics is a prerequisite to success in most post-secondary level math courses in the science and business programs. 


Mathematics competence opens doors to productive futures. A lack of mathematical competence keeps these doors closed. 


At Academic Horizons, our goal is to help our students develop the skills and competencies that will enhance their future options and opportunities in a 21st century world.

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Teaching for           Understanding


At Academic Horizons, our strategies for optimizing student learning and achievement are guided by the research-based learning principles that emphasize the importance of constructing meaning and developing understanding of course material, as well as promoting long-term retention.


At Academic Horizons, our aim is to facilitate learning to understand, rather than learning to "know." 

When students learn procedures and formulas without context and meaning, they can easily become confused and frustrated because memorizing discrete, disconnected pieces of information without understanding is both difficult and detrimental to learning success and academic achievement.   

One-on-One Personalized

                               Tutorial Lessons

Teaching today must help students go beyond learning facts and "covering" discrete skills. 


To flourish is an unpredictable world, students today need to develop a deeper understanding of key concepts and core ideas and be able to evaluate and apply information to new situations.


Today's student needs to learn how to ask critical questions and solve difficult and messy problems.

A rapidly changing world with easy access to information, new social media, shifting employment needs and an explosion of knowledge requires a different way of thinking about education.

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  • Math 4 - 7  

  • Math 8, 9, 10

  • PreCalculus 11, 12

  • IB  Math Courses SL and HL

  • AP Calculus 

  • University Calculus Courses

  • AP Statistics



  • Science 8, 9, 10

  • Chemistry 11, 12, IB, AP

  • Physics 11, 12, IB, AP

  • Biology 11, 12, IB, AP

  • OnLine Courses

  • University Physics Courses

  • University Chemistry Courses



  • Writing Skills Gr 6-12+

  • English Gr 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • AP English and IB English

  • Reading Comprehension

  • College/University Writing

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